Month: August 2014

Bridge Jewelry – Artisan Jewelry


Jewelry is more than an accessory; it could be a frivolous ornamentation, a remembrance, a statement or a guarantee. Fashion Jewelry and fine jewelry, Bridge jewelry are all kinds of jewelry that let you truly have a number of options make your appearance and to add to your group. Artisan jewelry and the terms Bridge jewelry are from time to time used like they’re interchangeable. We will investigate this premise and find that Artisan jewelry and Bridge jewelry could possibly be the same thing, but aren’t consistently exactly the same.

At least 14 kt is used by fine jewelry. Another precious metals or gold along with valuable gems like diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Fine jewelry can be mass produced or artisan-made one of a kind pieces or limited-edition. It may be seen in galleries or in fine jewelry stores. It holds worth well and commands the highest costs.

Fashion jewelry can be artisan-made or mass produced. Substances used in the layouts are plastic, glass, base metals and other synthetics. This jewelry are often made of shell, wood and other organic substances. Fashion jewelry can be found in drug stores, department stores, discount stores, craft shows and even flea markets. Costs on Fashion jewelry are usually the most affordable of all jewelry. Its worth is in its own usability as well as the add-on to your wardrobe.

Bridge jewelry is called that because it’s the bridge between Fashion jewelry and Fine jewelry. It uses semi precious jewels like amethyst, citrine, turquoise, jade, topaz, fresh water pearls, garnet and others and might use vermeil, gold filled or silver as the metal. Substantially Bridge jewelry is artisan-made, but additionally, it may be produced. Bridge jewelry is usually located in galleries, craft shows and art shows. Costs are in the mid range between Fashion jewelry and Fine jewelry. Determined by the artist and substances, this jewelry may be a great investment.